3 months ago, after going back and forth In deliberation to purchase from them (I thought it was too good to be true and I was right!), I took the plunge.

HUGE MISTAKE. I ordered upper veneers only. First of all, the impressions took weeks to reach me as they sent to the wrong address so was held up in the post office sorting room for more than two weeks.

Then, I returned my impressions. I tracked the delivery and it was two weeks of silence before they said it was there. The email I got told me it would be delivered a date which was a whole month later. (They say on the website 14 to 21 days).

The day of their proposed shipment arrived and I messaged them on Facebook to ask if this would still be happening. I got a fast response saying yes. So, a week later my package arrives. I eagerly open.....and....another set of impressions. They included a note saying the ones I set hadn’t been good enough....it took them a month to let me know?

So now I assume I have to wait a whole month again to yet get another set of impressions?

It’s a scam and do not go near them with your card details.

Store Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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